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■Alien Registration
最終更新日 2010年03月18日 13時25分
Initial Registration

All non-Japanese citizens who are resident in Japan for more than 90 days will need to apply for an alien registration card (gaikokujin-toroku-shomeisho) within their first 90 days of residence.

Items required for initial registration:
  1. Application for Alien Registration (This form is available at administrative office)
  2. Passport
  3. Two identical photographs (H4.5cm x W3.5cm) taken within six months
       (Not required for those under 16)

Changing the details of registration

When a change has taken place in these registered items (the place of residence, name, nationality, occupation, status of residence, period of stay, name or address of place of work) in a foreigner’s registration, the person concerned needs to undertake the procedures for change in registered items at the administrative office in his or her municipality within 14 days of the change. In the case of persons under the age of 16, relatives living with the person should make the application. When moving, the application should be made at the administrative office of the municipality of the new location.

Required Documents:
  1. Alien Registration Card (Applies only to those who possess one)
  2. Application for Alteration of Registered Items (This form is available at administrative office)
  3. Documentation verifying the change.

For inquiries please contact:

Sukumo city municipal office.
Tel: 0880-63-1112




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