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Okinoshima Suuba Diving
The Ocean around the Okinoshima Islands and the Ugurushima has one of the clearest transparencies in Japan and the best area for scuba diving.
There are about thousand ot kinds of fish such as toropical fish and large coral reef.


Cherry blossoms in Sukumo city bloom the earliest in Japan because of the mild climate Sukumo city offers information about cherry blossoms as the famous city of Sakura.
[The best cherry blossoms viewing area] Araseyama Park, Kanyouto park, Tenmangu, Kurokawa area Hirata-cho


Mt.Sasayama The hundred most great mountains in Shikoku island This mountain, with an elevation of 1065 meters, is located on the prefectural border between Kochi and Ehime. It is a part of the Ashizuri Uwakai National Park and you can see the Okinoshima island or Kyusyu islands from a top of the mountain. The mountain is covered with akebono azalea in late April and rhododendron in early May


Daruma Sunset
The famous "Daruma Sunset" in Sukumo Ocean can be seen only about twenty times during the season, from mid-November to mid-February.
This sunset is called "lucky sunset" because you can see the perfect shape of Daruma only half of the time during the season.
It is also registered as "the hundred most beautiful sunsets in japan"
This phenomenon results from the great temperature difference between the cool winter air and the warm surface of the ocean.
On very cold days, the sunlight is reflected by the water vapor generated on the ocean's surface.
it is a kind of mirage, in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.
The Daruma sunset phenomenon is very popular among the photographers.
[The best sunset viewing area] kanyoto Park, katashima seaport, Sukumo Sunnyside Park

Daruma Sunset

ldei Pothole The prefectural natural monument
The Idei Pothole is located in the upper stream of the Matsuda River.
The Idei pothole consists of 200 potholes and measures 200 meters long and 40 meters wide It is a very rare natural monument to have such a lot of potholes in one place.

ldei Pothole

Sukumo city festival
This civic festival is held in October (Saturday and Sunday before Sports day).
The main events are fire works and dance parade The festival also features children's sacred palanquin, sporting events, and a concert.

Sukumo city festival

The birth place of Hashiken
A skipper from Kyusyu Island stayed at Daikokuyaushimatsu inn in Sukumo city and brought Satsumaken.
It become Hashiken eventually.
Hashiken is a battle using chopsticks and played as the entertainment for a story tellers'theater.
Two people face each other and show three red chopstiks in front of them.
Players answer the total nuwbers of chopsticks that the other person showed.
This game is called"Hashiken wo utsu".

The birth place of Hashiken

Yaasai Festival (Vegetable festival)
This festival is held at Tourinli temple in the middle of August People do Take mawashi (go round with bamboo tree) first, then Bon festival dance (Bon odori) and carry a portable shrine Tourinji temple was the Bodhisattva temple (Bodaiji temple) of lchijo family who flourished as Kuge Daimyo (feudal lord from imperial Court) in Tosa nakamura The people in the village gave local products, such as eggplants, wrapped in bamboo leaves in order to show their admiration when lchijo family came to Hirata palace That is how the festival started.
This festival is designated a municipal intangible cultural asset in 1963.

Yaasai Festival (Vegetable festival)

Passenger liner port
Sukumo bay port is located in the south end of the Bungo channel, the southernmost of Shikoku island The port equipped with 13m deep quay where large ship can get to the shore and three more berths Luxurious boats come to this port every year and citizens of Sukumo welcome all tourists by offering various kinds of events.

Passenger liner port

The 39th sacred pilgrimage site. Enkoji
Enkoji is the last pilgrirnage site in Kochi prefecture Gyoki established this tempie in 724 and restared by the priest Kobo daishi in 795.
Enkoji is determined as the No 39 of the all 88 temples.
The "eye wash well "which was buiit by Kobo daishi is in the temple precincts.
Enkoji is located in Syakki zan which means "red turtle mountain" because there is the legend that a red turtle brought the bell to this temple in 911.
It is said that this is the oldest bronze bell in Kochi prefecture and designated a national important cultural property.

The 39th sacred pilgrimage site. Enkoji

The Sukumo History Museum
The museum introduces the history and the people of Sukumo by showing the panel
and precious articles by historical personage.

The Sukumo History Museum

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