Sukumo City


Introduction of Sukumo City
Kochi Prefecture Sukumo City lives easily very much the location on the southwest edge of Shikoku, and the rich, mild weather and sea, mountain, and river natural enclosures as shown by the flowering of cherry blossoms with an early nationwide [do] paper string.
In the Sukumo bay where it faced water service after Yutaka, the taste of the fish that can take it here is a rarity in abundant seas of the fish stock by saying as fish's cradle and the farm of nature.
Moreover, a lot of places that is appropriate for fishing from rocks near the shore are places of the yearning in the sportfisherman. The sea around the island in the offing it is the offing combination is thought that the transparency is also high, and the coral and the tropical fish are abundant, and is a diving spot in the eminent whole country.

Sukumo City

History of Sukumo City
The heartland of Sukumo formed to the Matsuda river mouth of a river was a sea with shoals 3 or 4,000 years ago from now. Therefore, it is said that the reed had grown in abundance all over in a large marshland like surging of seawater when becoming it at high water. Ancient people say, "Become empty" the reed that dies as written in the Japanese poem etc. , and it is said that the origin of the name of Sukumo will come here.
It is understood that there is a Sukumo kitchen midden specified for the historic site in the country, and the culture had already opened it to about Jomon Period 3 or 4,000 years ago of Sukumo at the outskirts of a town. Moreover, the history to which it appears one after another the material of [nin] ..a lot of perpetual changes.. town after Meiji Restoration that is.
It is told that the ship taken encounters rain storm when [sugawaramichishin] relegates it to Kyushu at the ancient Heian era, and it was washed to the island in small Chikushi (Poke) bay in Sukumo. The line seemed to have come to call this island an island from the stay for seven days here on the seventh though this island was continuation of the land now.
When the Middle Ages comes, Tosa governor [tonaru] [fusake] builds Hata the rattan woods temple with the second child of [shita] of the country in the under line [**fusa] in Hirata as a family temple back escaping from the war of the respondent benevolence. Afterwards, after Article 1 in Tosa ruined during positive 3-heaven year (1575), and a length [shuuware] former parents became place territories, the duct of the Matsuda river was changed, the farmland was made, and Sukumo became the 1st farm village in Hata-gun.
And, [yamauchika] of the nephew in Yutaka Yamauchi 1 governs Sukumo as the country old in Tosa in the feudal administration age, and it has arrived at the Meiji era.
West door [dearu] [katashimakou] of Sukumo developed in 1887 by the one having been opened by Yuzo Hayashi as the port of call in the sending off ports such as charcoal and wood, Hanshin, Kyushu, and the soil Tasuku coast sea routes.
Six town and villages of the island in on the bridge of Sukumo, small Chikushi, Hirata, and mountain [**] and the offing amalgamated along with the town and village amalgamation enforcement on March 31, 1954, and it was born as Sukumo City that had 284.79 square km in the area and the remainder by 32,500 people.

Sukumo City

Position, geographical features, and climate of Sukumo City
There are an island and a cormorant visit of the only manned a solitary island offing of Kochi Prefecture in the location in the south end of ..Sukumo City.. Shikoku (132°43" east and 32°56" north), and the wests, and the gross areas are squares Km (one eye present provinces in October, 2005) and ..286.11.. [natsuteimasu].
Geographical features is composed of mountains and the hilly district generally, and about 84% of the whole area where Sasayama was made a main peak is the weald. The clear stream Matsuda river flows between those toward the Sukumo bay, and dancing of a lot of waterfowls wildly is seen in the vicinity of the mouth of a river.
Rich nature and the aspect that is clement in all seasons, and belongs to a shuffle Uwa sea national park are waited and have developed into [kikou] around the first industry.
The island and the cormorant visit of the offing enchant a lot of fishing guests as Mecca of the fishing from rocks near the shore of the number of eye characters, and visitors outside the collection prefecture ..attention.. ..sea in which it boasts of the transparency of eminent Japan.. have increased as a diving spot in recent years, too.
"Tumbling doll evening sun" seen like the tumbling doll when the weather condition sinks in straightening [pa] in winter and the evening sun sinks in the Sukumo bay can be seen.

Major industry of Sukumo City
The Sukumo bay is also abundant the fish stock because it hits the entrance where the Black Current flows into water service after Yutaka, and does the fishery to centers such as the reeling nets and the paving nets by various fishing methods as a good fishery. The aquaculture especially cultivates, and is a fish harvest like yellowtails, Thailand, and the great amberjacks, etc. that has the majority of the Kochi prefecture landing fishing.
The banded blue-sprat by the reeling net fishing also famously sends it directly from the home additionally.
It is 70.4%(As of the end on in the agricultural promotion district March, 2003) and fruit trees are willingly staple crops such as facilities vegetable such as the outdoors vegetable such as broccolis of the okra at the summer time that makes the best use of conditions of location in clement [kou] and ..having a mind.. region and winter, Zingiber miogas, and small Welsh onions, soil Tasuku sentence [**], and small summer. [ba] maintenance ..carving.. rate agriculture

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